01/02/2014 - GRABBERS released in Europe and hitting U.S. and Latin American markets in Q3 2013 and Q1 2014, respectively, through IFC Midnight
09/22/2012 - GRABBERS traveling all over the globe at Edinburgh, Karlovy Vary and Strasbourg, among many film festivals, in preparation for its release
01/23/2012 - GRABBERS premieres at the Sundance Film Festival
01/10/2012 - HURT playing on TMC and Showtime
11/05/2010 - Sony nabs U.K. rights to GRABBERS
11/01/2010 - The Salt Company brings GRABBERS to AFM
07/23/2010 - HIGH TREASON COMICS takes FRAMESHIFT to San Diego Comic-Con International
07/13/2010 - Variety article on Producer Eduardo Levy and the Brazilian Film Network
05/08/2010 - O Globo, Brazil's leading newspaper, unveils new lineup with BFN & High Treason's Eduardo Levy writing from L.A.
04/08/2010 - Lions Gate UK to distribute HURT in the UK & Ireland
02/01/2010 - BRAZILIAN FILM NETWORK and OLHAR INDEPENDENTE form a strategic partnership - BFN
11/15/2009 - HIGH TREASON COMICS officially launched with first issue of graphic novel FRAMESHIFT to be released in 2010
11/10/2009 - HURT released on DVD
05/01/2009 - Monterey Media to distribute HURT in North America
09/15/2008 - Playback article on Producer James Martin
09/01/2008 - Inferno Film Productions to take HURT to AFM
03/24/2008 - High Treason adds HYSTERIA, ALLEGIANCE and DOWN TO EARTH (TV) to its slate
06/29/2007 - Daily Variety article on HURT and High Treason Productions
06/27/2007 - High Treason Productions unveils beginning of production on HURT and its slate of films